So, 24 hours. How does that work?

We are glad you asked.

We’re here for one reason —— to give you a good foundation to build your business, brand, or idea —— in far less time, money, and resources, but with quality and creativity.

Launching a business isn’t exactly surgery. But it could near darn well feel like it.

Even if you skilled enough to get a website up and running, when it comes to writing about yourself and your company or even visualizing what your brand would look like across channels, we know all too well the sinking feeling that comes.

We take care of everything for you. And it won’t take days, weeks, or months to do it.

You will get something you’re proud of and peace of mind that we are always by your side.

What’s the process…

Step One: Branding

What do you want people to think about when they see your logo? What do you want them to fall in love with when they hear your name? We’ll take a deep dive into all those elements to figure out how your brand stands out.

Step Two: Creating

Once your brand is outlined, we will get to writing copy that engages with your readers or customers and developing visuals (graphic design or web design) that compels your audience to come back.

Step Three: Going Live

With your approval, your brand logo is ready to be distributed across channels, your stationary is ready to be printed, and your website is ready to go live to the world.

What do you need to start…

The very best projects start with preparation. At The 24 Hour Company, we always start getting ready early.

You need to bring to the table:

  • Clear vision for your business, brand or idea
  • Three to five goals you want your business to achieve
  • Knowledge of the products and/or services you sell
  • Understanding of the idea you wish to convey
  • Ready to go further, fast

To ensure preparedness, we will send you a checklist of everything you will need to hit the ground running in the first hour.

For completely new brands, we’ll send you a brand questionnaire so we can get started quickly.

What a typical day looks like…

12 AM to 6 AM

Review of project and kick-off call if needed to understand requirements and get started.

7 AM to 12 PM

Initial design and development is completed and the project is sent to you for revisions.

1 PM to 6 PM

Another call, chat, or email to go over revisions and then project is prepped to go live.

7 PM to 12 AM

You’re live and kicking and ready to show off what you got to the world. Celebrate!

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